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ALI Sessions:
Monday, Jan 5th – Thursday, Feb 26th

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Call (978) 281-3558 x 300
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Our Vision

Wellspring is guided by the vision of a society where all are welcomed and everyone has the opportunity to live a full and positive life.  Believing that each life touches every other life, we work toward this vision of caring for the earth and her people by sharing our resources in a spirit of hospitality.

Our Mission

Wellspring House empowers individuals and families to live more secure lives through basic needs assistance, education and job training.

Please join us Tuesday, November 18th

Wellspring’s Annual Meeting

5:30 pm: Reception to honor our donors and volunteers

6:30 pm: Annual Meeting

302 Essex Avenue, Gloucester

Wellspring House, Inc. | 302 Essex Ave. | Gloucester, MA 01930-2351 | Tel. (978) 281-3558 | Fax (978) 281-6092