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Abby Albrecht, BankGloucester, Jan Bell, Mollie and John Byrnes, Trudy Clemens, Rosemary Costello, Faith Emerson, Caroline Esdaile, Paula Flynn, Tracey Gould, Lauren Gudonis, Melanie Healey, Patricia Fae Ho, Debe Holland, Caroline Hovey, Amy Kingman, Polly Knowles, Michelle Langille, Christine and Paul Lundberg, Erin McKay, Therese Melden, Gina Milne, Michelle Morris, Jody Morse, Allison Mueller, Eileen Mueller, Jenny Perkin, J. Stephen Putnam, Julie Riordan, Cynthia Ross, Chris and Tony Smith, Trina Smith, Blair Evans Steck, Nicole Twomey, Valerie Vitale, Windover Construction, W.T. Rich Company, Inc., Sarah Wolfgang, Kristen Zerilli

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