Calling Property Owners in Gloucester!


In response to the ongoing housing crisis, Wellspring is looking to partner with local landlords to rent five apartments to families working hard to become financially secure.


Thanks to new funding from the Executive Office of Housing and Livable Communities, (EOHLC) Gloucester property owners and housing managers can now work alongside Wellspring to help house local families with Wellspring’s Ready-to-Rent Program. 



Acting as the tenant on behalf of the family, Wellspring will assume all financial responsibility for the lease, which includes guaranteed rent payments, rental insurance coverage, and additional tenant financial obligations for the first year. This approach drastically reduces owner risk and allows families the opportunity to take over the lease so that they can remain in the Gloucester community.

More than Four Decades of Proven Housing Experience.


Since 1981, Wellspring has provided more than 10,000 local parents and their families with emergency shelter, housing stabilization and access to quality education, job training, and career readiness that leads to livable wages. 

“We understand the challenges many local families face to find affordable housing in Gloucester and the Greater Cape Ann area. Inventory continues to remain low, but the need grows higher everyday. While Wellspring has ongoing need throughout the year, our goal is to secure five centrally located units in downtown Gloucester by October 1, 2023.” Liz Wuenschel, Wellspring’s Director of Shelter Services.

Wellspring has worked tirelessly on behalf of families in need of safe, stable housing and has a proven track record of success, particularly within the Gloucester community.

If you are interested in partnering with Wellspring, or have an open unit, (or will soon) please contact Liz Wuenschel, Director of Shelter Services at 978 281-3558 ext. 315, or via email at 

Partner with Wellspring to House Local Families!


Working with Wellspring, you’ll become an active catalyst to help sustain families who are affected by the housing crisis. You’ll have the security of a financially stable partner who knows and understands the needs and capabilities of each of these unique families.


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