Wellspring House’s partnership with the Gloucester Lyceum & Sawyer Free Library is expanding. For over 15 years, Wellspring’s English Language Learning Program for native speakers of other languages has been offered at the Library.

Starting in September, Wellspring’s Adult Learning Initiative (ALI) program began offering classes at the Library as well. In addition to offering this new location for English Language Arts, Mathematics, Computers, and Career Workshop, the program has been divided out into morning and evening classes, giving students the freedom to choose which classes best fit their needs.

Although free transportation had been provided to students for some time to Wellspring’s Veronese Community Education Center at 302 Essex Avenue, the new offerings at the Library makes sense, as does the natural partnership between Wellspring and the Sawyer Free Library, whose mission is “to enrich the lives of Cape Ann residents through thought-provoking and intellectually rewarding programs”.

For many students, graduation from ALI is just the beginning. Many will move on to the take their high school equivalency test, apply for better jobs or apply for college. Some will enroll in WERC, Wellspring’s career and educational counseling program. Some will enroll in MediClerk, Wellspring’s medical administrative assistant job training program. Most importantly, many will move on to lead more financially stable lives.
The next session of ALI begins January 17th with Math/English Language Arts, Math and Computer Skills for Career and School.
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