Coming Home is an inspiring collaboration that has transformed the living spaces at Wellspring’s Family Shelter for families experiencing homelessness. This remarkable project was made possible through a partnership with Koo de Kir Architectural Interiors, generous support from the City of Gloucester’s American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funding, and contributions from individual supporters. 

Wellspring House Coming Home Photo by Jason Grow_4

photo credit: Jason Grow

Renovation and Expansion

With the combined efforts of the local community and dedicated professionals, the project has successfully renovated five apartment-style family shelter units. These spaces now foster well-being, as guests work toward a path to permanent housing. ARPA funds through the City of Gloucester helped with construction components of the interior renovations. Wellspring also received a grant from the Charlesbank Homes Foundation to complete these essential exterior improvements including new siding, roofing, and energy efficient mini-split air conditioners. 

Wellspring House Coming Home Photo by Jason Grow_2

photo credit: Jason Grow

Community Impact 

The transformation of these spaces goes beyond aesthetics; it represents the importance of providing a nurturing environment with supportive services as families work toward stable housing.

“Wellspring House has been instrumental in bridging the gap for those experiencing challenging times and providing an opportunity for families to find stable and safe housing.”

Mayor Greg Verga 

“The success of the Coming Home project is a testament to the strength of collaboration and community support. We’ve seen firsthand how a nurturing living environment helps to ground families as they work hard to find permanent housing. Wellspring is proud to welcome residents into thoughtfully designed and renovated spaces. With better functionality and versatility in each apartment, our physical building (combined with excellent services) will truly support these families in their journeys forward.”

– Melissa Dimond, President and Executive Director of Wellspring House

“I love how the updates to the unit make being in shelter a little more comfortable for myself and my child.”

– from a guest 

Wellspring House Coming Home Photo by Jason Grow_3

photo credit: Jason Grow

Personal Touches and Professional Excellence 

“Our focus is on creating spaces that promote well-being and tranquility. With Coming Home, we wanted to make each apartment not only just functional but also emotionally supportive and aesthetically pleasing. We hope that the thoughtful use of color, texture, and light uplifts spirits and enhances the overall well-being of families.” 

Kristine Irving, Founder and Creative Director of Koo de Kir Architectural Interiors and lead partner in the Coming Home collaboration 

Wellspring House Coming Home Photo by Jason Grow

photo credit: Jason Grow

A Vision for the Future 

The Coming Home project goes beyond renovation; it reimagines what supportive housing can look like. By improving the physical spaces, this initiative significantly contributes to families as they rebuild their futures towards permanent housing.  

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