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We are all feeling the unparalleled effects of the rising cost of living in our community. Recent census data are sobering. In Massachusetts, 30% of children live in families who are overburdened by housing costs. This means that parents of 13,150 children in Gloucester, Beverly, Salem, and Lynn are struggling to pay rent. It’s no wonder, given that the average 3-bedroom apartment costs $3,200/month. That’s nearly $40,000 per year!  

The supportive programs at Wellspring that you have helped fund are a critical remedy to families in need. Every year, over 400 households are engaged in homelessness prevention services, job training, education, and career preparation. They are coping with financial stress by investing in themselves and their futures. At Wellspring, participants work intensively to create viable plans to secure higher wage jobs and long-term success. 

With your support, you’ll help local people 

  • Discover new opportunities to better provide for themselves and their families 
  • Challenge circumstances holding them back 
  • Build more equitable communities 

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Will you help meet the needs of local families and individuals to get ahead of these rising trends with a special year-end gift?
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With your support, students are opening new doors and finding success. Beato is a local father who has worked hard to achieve his dreams. After emigrating five years ago to Gloucester from the Dominican Republic, (DR) Beato knew the best opportunities to provide for himself and his family were within his reach. He also knew he needed to learn English to succeed and enrolled in Wellspring’s English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) Program. 

For more than two years, Beato has been studying English with his Wellspring ESOL volunteer tutor, Gene, as well as immersing himself in the English language. His determination and hard work have paid off—he is now the proud owner of a new barber shop in the heart of downtown Gloucester.  

Beato has realized his entrepreneurial dreams, and built a strong team and business, which he attributes to learning English at Wellspring. Beato (photo, Right) and his Wellspring ESOL tutor (photo, Left), Gene, meet weekly for one-on-one English language sessions. 

Help More Students Break Barriers

You can help others like Beato find success. Your gift to Wellspring provides intensive support for guests, students, and participants who are reimagining their futures.

When you give to Wellspring, you are part of a special group: 

  • You help a family struggling with homelessness find a safe place to stay while they work on a plan to move into permanent housing. This transitional housing gives the secure foundation for a new start. 
  • You give employment coaching and training to students who are looking to create a pathway to financial security by earning more money to support their families. 
  • You provide critical funds to help keep people housed and employed with homelessness prevention services.
  • You offer assistance and mentoring to students at Gloucester High School who are navigating their futures with post-graduate plans. 
  • You offer hope along the way and say: I care about you. You are part of my community.

With Wellspring programs and services, and people who care, barriers are broken, stability grows, and people thrive in community. We’re inspired every day by the accomplishments of students and families to improve their financial security. But, only with people like you in their corner.

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Will you partner with us to help advance local young adults and families with solid solutions in the new year? Your support will help open new doors, change lives, and build a stronger community.
Please Support Wellspring
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