Sometimes in life, our community members need a hand-up to help them find the courage they need to change their own circumstances. Bethany and her son are two of those inspiring people. After relocating from the South Shore to live in Wellspring’s Family Shelter for more than a year, Bethany utilized Wellspring’s proven resources to secure stable housing and permanently relocated her family to Gloucester. 

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To ensure former guests remain safely housed and the transition to living on their own goes smoothly, Wellspring provides ongoing support and comprehensive case management services for up to two years after a shelter stay. Through Wellspring’s Homelessness Prevention and Family Stabilization (HPFS) Programs, shelter guests learn effective life-planning skills in problem-solving, budgeting and saving money for a future security deposit and rent. These skills help participants learn how to live within their means and maintain permanent housing. 

This is the Wellspring way of success! Because when a member of the community turns to Wellspring for help, they immediately become eligible to receive all of Wellspring’s services.

It’s this holistic approach of meeting people where they are and supporting the whole person that allows Wellspring participants to thrive and change their own lives.

Thanks to ongoing support from Wellspring, Bethany and her son are thriving in their new community! As part of Wellspring’s commitment to long-term stabilization, Wellspring connected Bethany with a local childcare provider so she could return to school full-time. Determined to succeed, Bethany received career counseling services from Wellspring, and is enrolled in Wellspring’s popular and highly successful Healthcare Office Support Training (HOST) Job-Training Program (also known as MediClerk). 

Following her internship, Bethany will graduate from the HOST program, and will be fully qualified to pursue non-clinical, administrative roles in the growing healthcare field! To ensure Bethany continues this inspiring success, Wellspring will provide ongoing support for her and her son so she can continue her hard work to secure a better future for herself and achieve financial security. 

Bethany’s advancing success is made possible by a grant from the Bank of America (BOA) Charitable Foundation, which has supported Wellspring’s Homelessness Prevention and Family Stabilization (HPFS) Program and Services for more than 25 years.

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Thanks to this long-standing partnership, Wellspring is able to continue our mission to help families and adults on the North Shore achieve employment and financial security through stable housing, education, job training and career readiness. 


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