Earlier this month, Wellspring hosted a gathering of local faith organizations to reconnect and talk about Wellspring services and programs that help people chart their own paths to financial security. 

wellspring gathering of faith organizations

Melissa Dimond, President and Executive Director at Wellspring, shares success stories and information about Wellspring services with more than 30 representatives from local faith organizations.

Held under the old Copper Beech tree at Wellspring’s main campus, more than 30 representatives from faith organizations across Greater Cape Ann came together alongside Wellspring staff in spirited discussion to share stories and brainstorm new ways Wellspring and faith organizations can work together to support our community. 

Since our founding, more than 40 faith organizations from across the North Shore have partnered with Wellspring to help our most vulnerable community members realize success and fulfillment. Much of that collective support is captured in the generous donations of our faith partners and their constituents, with more than a quarter of a million dollars raised since 1981. 

With deep communal roots, Wellspring was honored to share the strong impact faith organizations have had on Wellspring’s mission to help young adults, individuals and families secure employment and achieve true long-term financial security.  

We are very grateful for each and every gift, and for the continued partnership and support from our partners and friends in faith throughout the last four decades! 

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