The Front Office Professional-Ability to Benefit program graduated its first class on July 12th, 2018! The graduation ceremony was held in their classroom in the Lynn Campus of North Shore Community College.
The College President, Vice President, Dean, and Melissa Dimond; in addition to a class representative, Susan Darosa; spoke at the event.
“Our two organizations have been working together for about three years,” said Melissa Dimond, President and Executive Director of the Wellspring House. “The purpose of everything we do is to improve access to post-secondary, or higher education, for folks who had a harder time accessing it.”
Many family members were also in attendance. All of the graduates are planning on further study at NSCC in both the credit and noncredit programs. The students have expressed interest in a wide variety of career paths including: Healthcare, Accounting, Human Resources, Machine Tool Technology, Social Work and Paralegal. The event was quite emotional and we wish this group great success! Wellspring will continue to keep in touch with these students by providing wrap around services to help ensure their progress in reaching these goals.
Check out last Thursday’s article in Lynn’s newspaper, The Daily Item:

One-stop shopping at North Shore Community College: GED+college credits=jobs

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