Wellspring Community Education is excited to announce a new partnership with North Shore Community College (NSCC) with an “Ability to Benefit” program. Ability to Benefit is a popular concept in other states that is now coming to Massachusetts, with the pilot for the state being this partnership between NSCC and Wellspring in providing The Front Office Professional program at NSCC-Lynn Campus.

Ability to Benefit refers to students who have sufficient competency to benefit from post-secondary education but do not have a high school diploma or the Certificate of High School Equivalency. In other words, this is an opportunity for students who have not completed their High School equivalency (GED, HiSet) to matriculate into a Community College-in this case with support from Wellspring. The students will demonstrate this competence by taking the Accuplacer Placement exam.

The Front Office Professional program at NSCC-Lynn Campus is a pathway into the Accounting and Bookkeeping, credit based programs at NSCC. It can also lead to multiple credits in various academic pathways at NSCC. Additionally, there will be a NSCC Advisor attached the program. This intensive four day per week program is free and open to the public.

Class commenced on April 23rd, with thirteen students from all over the North Shore, and originally from all over the world. It started off to a great success with extremely enthusiastic students. Beyond classes, students participated in an orientation and a tour. They now have their official NSCC ID cards as well.

First day of class for the Front Office Professional Program. An “Ability to Benefit ” in partnership between North Shore Community College and Wellspring House.


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