Wellspring House keeps a collection of gently worn business attire on hand for our program participants to select from for interviews or new jobs. It’s a great way to help make a good impression and have something nice to wear until those first few paychecks come in and finances even out.

But the space we use for our boutique was originally a hallway before it was converted into an office.

Thanks to a grant from Awesome Gloucester, and the generosity of our friends at Glover’s Floor Coverings, and W. Herbert Goodick Inc., our recently dubbed “Awesome Closet” is now under renovation; permanently installed desks have been removed to make way for new clothing racks. And now, thanks to Glover’s the space has beautiful new carpeting.

Soon our participants will be able to shop with dignity in a newly renovated and neatly organized space, with soft clean carpeting!


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