Wellspring’s 21st Annual Luncheon


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Wellspring extends a sincere thank you to everyone who supported our 21st Annual Luncheon on Monday May 6th. What an inspiring day! Over 600 guests gathered together for an intimate look at how Wellspring’s personal approach makes a lasting impact.

We were delighted to have Helen Riess, M.D., Co-Founder & Chief Scientist and Chairman of Empathetics, LLC, and author of The Empathy Effect, as our keynote speaker. Dr. Riess noted that in a global and interconnected culture, we can no longer afford to identify only with people who seem to be a part of our “tribe.” Our capacity for empathy is not just an innate trait—it is also a skill that we can learn and expand.

  • Longtime Wellspring volunteers and supporters, Frank Robinson and Michele Harrison, were honored and helped to strengthen Wellspring’s call to action.
  • Wellspring graduate, Samara Assad and Stuart Abelson, CEO of Ora Clinical, shared a moving and inspiring (true) story of connection that can lead to societal change.

Members of the audience know that Stuart Abelson announced the launch of a $1 Million campaign to create an endowed fund for Wellspring’s one-time emergency grants program. At Wellspring, financial assistance is used to assist families at their most vulnerable time, acting as an impetus for housing stability. We are deeply honored and grateful for this funding commitment, which will be a catalyst for a lasting emergency grants program.

The fund announced by Stuart Abelson is inspired by Betsy O’Leary Abelson’s deep commitment to supporting members of her community.

Details about the fund will be announced in the upcoming months.

At Wellspring we help families build their resource base for secure, reliable housing while increasing their earning potential through education, job training and career advising. The work is challenging and lofty. The reason we do it is that it WORKS.

If you made a donation at the luncheon, THANK YOU!

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Special thanks to photographer Cynthia August for volunteering her talent and time for Wellspring’s Luncheon. See Cynthia’s work in the slideshow below, and visit www.cynthiaaugust.com.

Watch Wellspring’s 21st Annual Luncheon presentation here:

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