Career and Educational Planning (WERC)

Wellspring Educational Resource Collaborative: making career and educational goals a reality.

I used to work crazy hours with no health care and no chance of advancement. Now I have benefits, a great schedule and constant training. WERC helped me focus on what I really wanted, took skills I learned and made me the perfect candidate for the job.
– Michelle, WERC student

Cost: Free
Where: 302 Essex Ave. Gloucester, MA
When: By appointment

The Wellspring Educational Resource Collaborate (WERC) is a program designed to help students advance in their careers and education by providing mentorship and resources for college, occupational education or placement in a new job.

Students will receive:

  • One-on-one and group mentoring
  • Goal focused coaching to career and education
  • Resources in seeking financial aid and scholarships

To schedule an appointment to learn more about WERC, call Lisa Wheeler at 978-281-3558 ext 322.

Volunteer WERC mentors are needed

Please contact Becky Wuenschel at 978-281-3558, ext. 323 or for more information.

2-Night Mentor Training: October 29 & November 1 from 5:30pm to 8:00pm

Mentors help students:

  • Stay focused on their Pathway for Personal Success
  • Balance and navigate life stressors that get in the way of success
  • Deepen academic skills for college success
  • Build and polish resumes, and cover letters, and interview skills
  • Execute job searches
  • Develop problem solving skills, confidence and a deeper positive sense of themselves
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