Welcome the Stranger: Help our Refugee and Immigrant Neighbors!

IMAGINE leaving everything behind—family, friends, profession, school, community, language, culture, geography—and starting over from scratch.

That’s exactly what so many newcomers to our community have had to do to escape violence and war in the Middle East, Asia, Central America, and Africa.

Safe at last, they have made great strides in learning English, securing jobs and housing and graduating from school and vocational training. And the Cape Ann community has been incredibly generous providing clothing, furniture, toys, transportation and friendship. But volunteers are simply not equipped to navigate the maze of public and private agencies newcomers must rely on for services.

Wellspring House is now offering a comprehensive program that will provide concrete, hands-on help to troubleshoot and resolve problems for all new immigrants arriving in Cape Ann. To accomplish this, we are asking for donations to:

1. Fund a Resource Coordinator: A part-time specialist will connect newly arriving immigrants to educational, housing, financial and legal resources in order to resolve a host of issues they face. This staffer will be based at Wellspring’s English Language Learning Center at the Sawyer Free Library. Goal: $9000

2. Provide Access to Translation Services: On-demand telephone translation services for non-English speakers. Goal: $3000

3. Mini-Grants: One-time grants to help immigrants achieve a specific goal (e.g. pay a security deposit to secure stable housing, purchase textbooks for a vocational training program, pay for car insurance to allow someone to accept a better job). Goal: $5000

Here’s how you can help:

WITH YOUR HELP, we can strengthen the fabric of our community and honor the waves of immigrants who have built Cape Ann.

TOGETHER, we can make change that lasts for generations.

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